The Sunset Cinema Club provides the opportunity to watch a great film, as the sun sets in cool, hidden and creative outdoor spaces.​

We plan events in all sorts of weird and wonderful places, and operate all year around as mood and opportunity allows.

Our club is one of spirit, and not membership, so you don’t need to ‘be a member’ to join us you just need to think outdoor cinema is a bloomin’ good idea – and you need to be on your toes to find out what we are up to and when...

If you see an event you like, please buy all tickets in advance: these are strictly limited per event and never available on the day. 

Some of our screenings will also provide a special dog ticket, because dogs are people too (and because we think the idea of watching a film in the great outdoors, with your furry best mate beside you is pretty darn cool). 

If you think that all sounds rather awesome, prepare a blanket and take a look around here to find out what's on and when. 

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